PS4 Pro: towards a production stop, in favor of the PS5?

By Aymeric Geoffre-Rouland on December 21, 2020

The PS4 Pro do not seem to be restocked on Sony's official US store since this weekend, but there is a message that they will no longer be.

According to our colleagues at Tom's Guide and GameSpot, the PS4 Pro is no longer sold on the official US store of Sony.The message "Out of stock" is followed by another, "It is currently not restock this item in the future ”.

In fact, Sony has not officially announced the discontinuation of the PS4 Pro, but it is probably only a matter of time - the production of the Xbox One X for example is already finished.Recall, however, that Sony had signaled its intention to support the PS4 for “several years after the launch of the PS5.” Three years, to be precise.

The PS4 Pro, is it over?

It must be said: the arrival of the PlayStation 5 will have placed the PS4 Pro in a relatively uncomfortable position, apart from the fact that Sony's new console is out of stock internationally, who would want to afford this console priced at 499 € (price found on Amazon at the time of writing) while the PS5 costs the same price? And again, remember that the PS5 Digital Edition now costs € 399, or € 100 less.

Likewise, it is now difficult to argue in its favor especially when you see the excellent backwards compatibility provided by the PS5.A game like The Last Guardian, for example, runs at 30 frames per second (rather stable indeed).on PS4 Pro.This is already very good, and it is even a marked improvement over the performance of the same game on a stock PS4, except that it reaches the constant 60 FPS on a PS5 ...

Posted Date: 2021-01-06

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